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TTEA Teaching Lab



PURPOSE: In a study by Stanford University Educational Leadership Institute, teacher needs for time to observe one another teach are highlighted by statistics demonstrating that such practice, in combination with feedback, collaboration and creation of instructional design together, yields markedly higher learning outcomes as demonstrated on international tests. Furthermore, the California Teachers Association (CTA), in its strategic plan, recognizes the need for teacher-driven reforms to improve our profession.  It calls for the, “transforming our profession for teachers and other educators by supporting the highest standards of quality in student-centered education.”   TTEA is pleased to support this vision by offering teachers the opportunity to engage practices that we know to promote professional growth and increased student learning. 


The TTEA Teaching Lab pays for release time (full or half day) so that teachers can participate in any of the following:

(Please plan no more than two hours of travel to reach your teaching lab destination.)

  • teacher observation

  • team teaching

  • shadowing a student

  • other (if you have another idea, please just describe it, and clear it with our current president)


PROTOCOL: Please refer to the process below in order to engage in the teaching lab practice. 

  1. Ask for administrator approval. 

  2. Make a digital or paper copy of the following questions.

  3. Send responses to our current TTEA Treasurer and President (Kate Teller and Nik Fertitta).

  4. After getting confirmation that you are clear to go from Jess, put in a “Certificated Leave Request” with your administrator. Mark the section that says “Leaves for conferences….” Underneath, write “TTEA Teaching Lab”

  5. Following your Teaching Lab experience, fill out the brief reflection send it to Nik Fertitta.



1. Your name

2. Lab experience (What do you want to do?)

3. What is your learning goal?

Email answers to: Erin LeFevers and Amy Burke



Please remember that your substitute is paid for out of membership dues. In order to honor your colleagues’ contribution, please be on a site working for the contract hours for which you are being released. 



Please complete this questionnaire during or after your Teaching Lab experience and send it to Nik Fertitta .

1. I did… or   I saw...

2. I noticed...

3. The experience informed my teaching practice in the following ways...

4. Other thoughts related to your experience:

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