Social Justice in Education



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Dear TTEA Community,


On behalf of our members, we would like to extend our support to those of us who identify as Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI). Over the last year, more than 3800 incidents of hate have been reported to STOP AAPI. These incidents have been fueled by racist speech and blame for COVID-19. The majority of these incidents happened in California, and the impact of these hate crimes have increased fear and anxiety within the AAPI community. 


This includes our students. Asian youth have increasingly been the target of racism. No child deserves this. We want all of our students to feel safe at school and in our community. 


TTEA stands in solidarity with our AAPI community. We are dedicated to creating spaces for all of our students to feel safe, confident, and free to be their whole selves. 


We encourage everyone in our community to join us in continuing to educate ourselves on racism and what we can do to make systemic change. Here are some organizations fighting for Asian American rights that will help get us started:



Together we can make a difference and show that kindness and empathy build stronger communities. 


In Solidarity,


TTEA Leadership

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