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Tahoe Truckee Teachers Achieve Fair Settlement

Tahoe Truckee Education Association February 27, 2023 #WeareTTEA Contact: TTEA President Nik Fertitta at 530-587-0470 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tahoe Truckee Teachers Achieve Fair Settlement Respectful Treatment, Ability to Attract and Retain Remain Priorities TAHOE – After months of frustrating negotiations, the Tahoe Truckee Education Association (TTEA) and the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD) have ratified an agreement for the current school year. The teachers ratified the agreement with a 98.5% “yes” vote. The TTUSD school board ratified the agreement at the February 15 board meeting. The one-year agreement provides a competitive salary increase, maintains lower class sizes, and helps TTUSD staff build community with students and their families, all priorities for the 285 TTEA members.

“This agreement is the result of hard compromise, after countless hours of dedication by our negotiations team,” said TTEA President Nik Fertitta. “Our focus has been on getting a fair settlement that provides the best educators for our students and respect for teachers. We all have similar priorities, and TTEA members look forward to meeting with school board members to discuss what’s best for our students and our schools.”

The contract includes an 8% salary increase, retroactive to July 1, 2022, when the current contract was to start. Because of the “Me Too” clause in the contract, TTUSD’s classified staff, the lowest paid in the district, will also receive the 8% salary hike. TTUSD executive managers also chose to take the 8% salary increase.

Fertitta also expressed deep gratitude for the Tahoe Truckee parents and community. “We saw how much this community values and supports its teachers. That means the world to us and strengthens our resolve to make TTUSD an even better school district as we move forward.”

The two sides settled at the end of the second day of a state mediation. “We appreciate the state mediator. He did a great job of helping us reach a fair settlement,” said Fertitta. The sometimes-contentious bargain centered on allocating the resources of TTUSD, the richest school district in Placer County and one of the richest districts in the state, into the classroom to attract and retain quality educators, maintain class sizes, and improve in-person student instruction. ### The Tahoe Truckee Education Association is affiliated with the 310,000-member California Teachers Association and the 3 million-member National Education Association.

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