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CTA 2023 Equity & Human Rights Conference

Event Description

Registration Coming Soon This conference will capture the essence in CTA’s Mission Statement: to ensure that the dignity and civil rights of all children, youth, and adults are protected and to secure a more equitable and democratic society. In 2023, this conference will take place in Santa Clara. CTA members will have access to dynamic speakers and interactive workshops that will provide them with a greater understanding of the issues of diversity, equity and social justice. The theme for 2023 will be The Power of Disruption: Our Collective Journeys Toward Justice. Our workshop sessions will cover this theme through the lens of the following categories:

  • Building On-Ramps & Tuning Up (AWARENESS) Sessions in this category are for members starting their personal social and racial justice journey, in the early stages of joining the collective journey toward liberation, or those interested in a refresher.

  • Navigating the Journey (CAPACITY BUILDING) Sessions in this category are for members who regularly navigate the flow of traffic toward social justice, and wish to do so with more precision. Attendees will sharpen and enhance their skills for maneuvering different lanes; avoiding accidents and pile-ups; knowing when to slow down, stop or head forward; and pulling others along.

  • Organizing the Carpool (ACTION) Sessions in this category are for members learning to organize, inspire collective action and/or build skills to cultivate the power of the collective. Attendees are interested in filling their car with passengers and learning more about collaboration, ally-ship, and con-conspiring with other members doing the work, but not as the only driver. These sessions are about working with others and applying the skills you’ve learned so far to take action.

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