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23 benefit things for 2023

Happy New Year from TTEA!

23 benefit things for 2023

  • January 1, 2023: new year, deductible and out-of-pocket expenses start over

  • January 1, 2023: new year, new HSA (Health Savings Account) starts over for 2023, cap: $3,850 singles, $7,750 families. Over 55? You can contribute an extra $1,000

  • Marriage - notify the district office, covering spouse? within 30 days of marriage must provide an enrollment form and marriage certificate

  • Babies - notify the district office, submit an enrollment form to CVT (California’s Valued Trust) within 30 days of birth–provide a birth certificate when issued

  • Child turns 26 - notify the district office. 30 days in advance of the dependent child aging out, CVT will notify subscribers, along with a COBRA offer-CVT will also notify the district if the premium changes. Continue to follow up

  • Divorce - once the divorce is final, notify the district office to have the spouse dropped

  • Death of insured member - notify the district office. If the deceased is the insured district employee, Policy is $50,000 from MetLife. The district sends out a MetLife claim form to the named beneficiary(ies), and dependents are offered COBRA.

  • Death of dependent member - notify the district office

  • Life Insurance - Supplemental life insurance (spouse/child) can be purchased during a qualifying event, or during open enrollment.

  • NEA Complimentary Life Insurance: four levels of coverage for TTEA members: 1) $1,000 of life insurance 2) Up to $5,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage; $1,000 per year benefit up to a maximum 3) $50,000 AD&D benefit for any covered accident that occurs on the job or while serving as an Association Leader 4) $150,000 Life Insurance benefit for unlawful homicide while on the job

  • Information here: NEA Life Insurance *be sure to name your beneficiary(ies)

  • Resignation: coverage ends on the last day of the month in which you resign. CVT sends a COBRA offer.

  • Graduation: Three $1,000 scholarships are available for TTEA members’ kids or wards, one for each high school. If there is not TTEA dependent at a school, the other schools are awarded a second scholarship. Apply through Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation: TTEA scholarships

  • Retirement - can stay on the district health insurance plan…

  • Hired prior to 1988? District will pay your portion until age 65.

  • Hired after 1988? Choices:

  • COBRA available for District plan (you pay full cost)

  • Find own plan (perhaps through Covered California)

  • If eligible, enroll in Medicare with or without supplemental insurance.

  • Health Insurance: open enrollment at the end of the school year for new plans effective 10/1/23

  • CVT’s web page - helpful info and access to providers, forms, links CVT Trust and Links

  • Questions regarding your claims and deductible? CVT dedicated Anthem Blue Cross

  • Customer Care unit: 1.800.234.4333

  • Sydney Mobile App: download to manage every aspect of your health plan: App Info

  • Delta Dental: Dental Insurance 1.866.499.3001

  • Vision: VSP Vision Care 1.800.877.7195

  • Prescriptions: CVS Caremark 1.888.354.6390

  • TTUSD web page: helpful info/links can be found here: TTUSD benefits Questions? Ask Jana

  • CTA/NEA member benefits: available to all TTEA members: CTA benefits and NEA benefits

  • CalSTRS Presentations: coming your way, along with other benefits presentations later this year!

Truckee Side: January 23, 2:45 and 3:45

Lake Side: January 24, 2:45 and 3:45


Something missing from this list? Send suggestions to your Site Rep or

District Office Contact: Alejandra Venegas, Employee Benefits (530) 582-2511, 20428 Notify Jana

All information provided as a courtesy to TTEA members and has been confirmed by CVT and the District Office.

Members are encouraged to contact the appropriate insurance carrier directly with questions.

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