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Welcome Back!

September 2020

Welcome Back To School 2020/2021

We hope that everyone is doing well and have had time to relax over this crazy summer. There are a few matters that we would like to inform everyone about as we are heading into this new school year.

  1. Membership cards are usually mailed to the TTEA Secretary to hand out to site reps for distribution. This year membership cards will be included with your California Educator magazine--Sept. edition. If you do not receive your card in that publication, please email Erin LeFevers at emlefevers@gmail.com and she will be able to order one for you.

  2. Please make sure to reread and adhere to the MOU about distance learning. If there is anything happening at your site that seems to be in direct violation of the MOU, please contact your site rep and Jess DeLallo.

  3. There is a lot of speculation floating around about since Placer County has been removed from the Governor’s Watchlist that we could go back to an in-person school model. The Board decision on August 5th, states that we will start in DL and it will be reassessed at the end of Sept. Please watch your personal emails for updates from the Bargaining Team and the E-Board.

  4. Last year, teachers were given time in August to go over their benefits and Escape portal information (this is your paystubs, etc). This year, we do not have this time. Please make sure to visit the TTEA website for links to Escape Portal and other CTA/NEA benefits links. The most important is for you to make sure that you have beneficiaries stated and that you take a moment to organize your CTA?NEA information to help your family in case something happens to you. TTEA website and CTA

  5. CTA.org also has a number of free PD/Webinars as well as a number of other helpful articles to aid teachers with teaching not only distantly but also in person. It is well worth time spent on CTA’s website.

Enjoy your school year! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your site rep or email the Executive Board:

Alder Creek-- Open at this time

Donner Trail-- Erika Allstadt eallstadt47@gmail.com

Glenshire-- Suzie Bates tahoeteach27@gmail.com

Kings Beach-- Paula Bossler paula.fernholz@gmail.com

North Tahoe High School-- Erin LeFevers emlefevers@gmail.com

North Tahoe School-- Heidi Bushway-Verkler hbushway@gmail.com

Sierra High/Cold Stream--Carey Parlette cparlette@yahoo.com

Tahoe Lake Elementary-- Jen McMaster jyanez7@yahoo.com

Truckee Elementary-- Mike Pyle and Alex Kalita akalita04@gmail.com

Truckee High School-- Sara Gooding srodebaugh@yahoo.com

TOSA-- Meara Mooney mearamooney@gmail.com


Jess DeLallo President JessDelallo@gmail.com

Nik Fertitta Vice President nfertitta@gmail.com

Kate Teller Treasurer katetellertahoe@gmail.com

Erin LeFevers Secretary emlefevers@gmail.com

If you would like to bring something to the Site Rep meeting, please notify your site rep or Jess DeLallo and you will be sent a link to the online meeting.

2020/2021 Meeting Dates and Places are Online until we return to in-person learning--once that happens, we will post place. The meetings run from 5-6 pm

Sept. 15

Oct. 6

Nov. 3 (which is election night, so this might be changed)

Dec. 1

Jan. 5

Feb. 2

Mar. 2

Apr. 6

May 4

June TBA



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TTEA is the local teachers union in Tahoe-Truckee, CA representing about 280 educators. It is an affiliate of the California Teachers Association which represents over 325,000 educators across CA. TTEA/CTA members are also members of the National Education Association representing over 3 million educators nationwide.

The Tahoe Truckee Education Association exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of teaching and learning; to advance the cause of free, universal, and quality public education; to ensure that the human dignity and civil rights of all children and youth are protected; and to secure a more just, equitable, and democratic society.  

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