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TTEA Benefit Bonanza



TTEA invites all members, and/or significant

others to attend.



10931 Alder Drive, Truckee CA 96161

#1: CalSTRS

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

4:30 My Retirement System (CalSTRS basics and new staff)

6:00 My Retirement Benefits(mid career)

You’re Helping Students Build Their Futures, Don’t

Forget About Yours

4:30 My Retirement System: CalSTRS basics and new staff

Section 1: About CalSTRS

Section 2: Contributions and Service

Section 3: Social Security Rules

Section 4: Retirement Benefits

6:00 My Retirement Benefits(mid career)

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn:

● How we calculate your CalSTRS monthly

retirement benefit.

● About the gap between your CalSTRS benefit and

your retirement income goal, and ways you can

bridge it.

● The steps to take now to increase your retirement


For a more personalized understanding of the information

covered, you’re encouraged to bring your most recent

Retirement Progress Report, which you can print from

your myCalSTRS account. You’re also encouraged to bring

your questions.

#2: CTA’s 403B

Tuesday, February 26, 4:30

CTA is committed to your financial well-being. That is why we

created the CTA Retirement Savings Plan (RSP), a 403(b) plan

that is distinguished by high-quality and low-fee investment

options that are recommended and monitored by a national

independent investment consulting firm. “

Why do you need a 403(b) savings plan?

Because your CalSTRS pension will cover only about half

the income you will need in retirement, CTA has created a

retirement savings plan to help make up the difference.

#3: Disability & Life Insurance

Tuesday, March 26, 4:30

“CTA-endorsed Disability Insurance from The Standard

Disability Insurance pays a benefit when you cannot work

because of covered illness, injury, pregnancy or childbirth.

Benefits can help with the everyday bills,such as the mortgage

or rent, that continue even when you can’t work — expenses

that health insurance won't cover.”

Why You Need It

Not all school districts provide Disability Insurance to

their employees, and CTA members aren't always eligible

for California's state disability insurance plan. This means

you may be left with only sick leave to protect you if you

are unable to work due to disability. The CTA-endorsed

Disability plans were specially designed to cover the gaps

in coverage that many educators and education support

professionals face. And because the plans are offered by

CTA, you can trust they provide benefits designed with

you in mind.

#4: NEA/CTA Member Benefits

Thursday, May 23, 4:30

“Our enduring promise isto make NEA members’ lives better.

Through our carefully vetted, best-in-class programs and

services, as well as know-how and solutions to help you be an

empowered consumer, we’re here to help you make the most of

your membership every day.”

Our mission

- Plan for a secure future

- Maximize your hard-earned dollars

- Receive support in times of need

- Live your best life

Great care is taken in choosing partners that not only

share your passion and commitment for public education,

but that can deliver special agreements and exclusive

deals that can help you stretch your dollars and protect

your family. Of course, member dues are never used for

the promotion of products and services.

#5: CVT Health Insurance

(Coming in June)

Specializing in healthcare benefits for the education

community is what we do and have done for over 33 years.

CVT offers a variety of carefully-crafted choices and options to

meet the needs of our members.

Note: see reverse side for more info

CVT provides the best-of-the best in healthcare

from leading carriers in the industry, including access

to medical and prescription drug plans or a full range

of benefits including dental, vision, employee

assistance program and group term life insurance. As

added value, CVT offers most members 24/7 access

to doctors and nurses, discounts on hearing aids,

wellness programs, and more special services to help

meet your healthcare needs.







This event is not sponsored or approved by the Tahoe Truckee Unified

School District or any schools of the District.

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