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March News

President’s Message:

Happy March everyone! Can you believe that we made it through February’s crazy weather? Hopefully the rest of 2019-20 is not so snowpocaliptic! I would like to thank everyone who took the snow day survey! I know that taking surveys has the potential of eating up your valuable time, but they are so important in terms of learning what members truly want (so that we can fight for your interests).

I would like to also give a big shout out to our bargaining team! After many months of work, they came to a great Tentative Agreement for our members. Thank you to everyone who supported them at the All Call, and for everyone who voted! If you feel as grateful to our Bargaining Team as I do, please email our Bargaining Chair, Tom LeFevers, to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication.

March can often seem like the longest month of the year—please make sure that you are continuing to take care of yourselves as well as your students...we cannot give our students our all when we are exhausted or run down. Keep up the good work everyone! Our students, parents, and Association are so lucky to have such devoted members!

Treasurer's Message:

Hi all, I want to share with you a BIG thank you from the CTA Camp Fire Relief Fund. Your TTEA representatives voted to donate $1000 to this from our Compassion Fund of our budget. So here’s where your money went:

From Kevin Moretti, Chico United Teachers Association President:

First, thank you so much for your generous donation to the CTA Camp Fire Relief Fund.

Because of you, and the over 800 donors like you, we have raised nearly $150,000 as of March 11th between our Go Fund Me Page and checks sent directly to the Chico United Teachers Association Camp Fire Relief Fund.

To date, 336 CTA members have applied for disaster relief. These include active educators as well as retired members who belong to CTA/NEA Retired. There are four categories. A member could be in as many as three of them. They are:

Those who were displaced for more than 15 days = 273 members.

Those who lost their homes = 217.

Those who lost their classrooms = 88 members.

Those who were displaced more than 5 days but less than 15 = 23 members.

A steering committee of local union members was created to oversee distribution of the funds. Our goal was to get help to those affected as soon as possible. Our first disbursement to all 336 members began in November in the form of $150 Costco Cash Cards. Shortly after we were able to do a second disbursement to all 336 as $200 Costco Cash Cards. As fundraising slowed down we decided to limit further distribution to the 273 who were displaced more than 15 days, 217 of whom lost their homes, and the remaining 56 have not been able to move back. Those 3rd and 4th distributions have been $75 and $50 Costco Cash Cards.

I’d like to share a few of the thank you notes I have been sent from those affected. These thank you notes really belong to you.

“I lost my classroom and 17 years worth of personal documents, lesson plans, and resources. As an art teacher, this has been such a difficult transition. Your Costco Cash Card distributions have helped me tremendously- from colored sharpies to wipes to tables. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you all so much. This money has been so helpful.”

“Our sincere thanks for all you guys have done to help make losing our home more bearable. We really appreciate everything everyone has done to help us out.”

On behalf of the Camp Fire Steering Committee and the 336 members you have helped, THANK YOU.

Kevin Moretti

Chapter President, Chico Unified Teachers Association

ON THAT NOTE.. please know that if you are personally affected by calamity, CTA does have a Disaster Relief Fund available to you, you remain eligible if you are a CTA Retired member after your retirement, and your own TTEA THANKS YOU for helping other CTA members.

Secretary’s Message:

Engagement article

Student ownership in their writing

long-term effect of teaching

Feedback strategy for elementary

Decoding the teenage brain

Negotiation Chair’s Message:

Thanks for supporting the bargaining team. We appreciate all the feedback given throughout the negotiations.

The Tentative Agreement passed with an overwhelming majority.

Health and Benefits Chair’s Message:

The Benefits Bonanza continues….mark your calendars and please attend. Knowledge is power! Responding to the calendar invites helps everyone, mostly our guest presenter! Feeling “meeting fatigued”? Remember, these presentations are about you and your family.

March 26: Disability Insurance

April 30: CalSTRS returns for a "close to retirement" (within 5 years) session -- must complete the form -- see your Site Rep.

May 9: CTA's 403B, note: may be held at a location where you can enjoy a snack and “adult beverage”, if preferred. Stay tuned for a location announcement.

May 23: NEA/CTA Member Benefits (benefits as in perks, not just insurance)

June (tbd): CVT -- Health Insurance

Social Justice Chair’s Message:

March is International Women’s Month. There are a plethora of awesome activities and lessons available for download. Below is a list of some of my favorites:








State Council Message:

Charter School Bills Will Bring Transparency and

Accountability, Restore Local Control, and Address Local Impact

A package of five bills is making its way through the Legislature, all with the goal of bringing greater transparency and accountability to California’s charter schools. Governor Newsom signed the fast-tracked SB 126 (Leyva, O’Donnell), which has passed with bipartisan support in both the Assembly and Senate. That bill codifies a recent attorney general opinion that says corporate-run charter schools must follow the same transparency rules as traditional public schools. AB 1505 (O’Donnell) would ensure that decisions regarding authorization and renewal of charters are made at the local level. AB 1506 (McCarty) would put a cap on the growth of charter schools and stem the disruption and financial hardship to neighborhood schools and their students caused by the rapid growth of charters. AB 1507 (Smith) closes a loophole that allows charters to operate schools outside of their authorizing district. AB 1508 (Bonta) allows authorizers to consider fiscal, academic and facilities-related impacts on existing district schools

when considering new charter petitions. Lawmakers are also considering a moratorium on charter school growth, and Governor Newsom has asked Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond to convene a panel of experts in order to report on the impact of charter school growth on local school district budgets and make recommendations. That report is due by July 1.

The #RedForEd Movement Continues to Gain Momentum

The recent strikes by United Teachers Los Angeles and the Oakland Education Association are just two examples of the growing power of the Red for Ed movement. Educators across California and the nation are defending public education and making a stand for their students. The movement has brought an even greater sense of solidarity among educators, as CTA members in local chapters everywhere are lending their voices of support to those walking the line in chapters like UTLA and OEA, and to other locals who may be nearing that step, as well as using #RedForEd to highlight their own local struggles on behalf of students. Educators are working around the clock to fight back against budget cuts, overcrowded classrooms, and outdated materials. They are pushing lawmakers for better pay that will allow them to live in or near the communities in which they work without having to work two or three jobs, and for the school funding and support services their students deserve. #RedForEd is about hope and a better future for all California students. Use it to connect to any local efforts and negotiations.

The CTA #RedForEd Store is Now Open!

In response to the tremendous and widespread support for the Red for Ed movement, CTA has opened an online #RedForEd Pop-up store to provide you with everything you need to paint the state RED as you stand up for public education. Go tocta.org/RedForEdStore to choose from union-made hoodies, hats, long and short-sleeve T-shirts, buttons, and more. The store accepts both individual and group orders, and local chapters can buy in bulk with customized local logos added. Update the “red” section of your closet or T-shirt drawer and be ready for the next show of support for public education. Visit the #RedForEd store today!

CTA Backs Tax Fairness Initiative That Protects Homeowners and Fixes Unfair Corporate Loopholes

CTA State Council has endorsed the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act for the November 2020 ballot. This initiative would change a provision of Proposition 13 that has allowed corporations to avoid fair assessment of their property values. Changing this loophole will restore $11 billion annually to California schools and community colleges, as well other vital community services including emergency responders, parks, libraries, and health clinics. We expect well-funded

false and misleading scare campaigns funded by corporations that don’t want to pay their fair share,so as we head toward 2020, it’s important that all CTA members understand what this initiative would and wouldn’t do, and how it will benefit California students. You can learn more about tax fairness and this initiative at cta.org/TaxFairness.

Oakland Strike

After seven days on strike – with 95% of members on the line, 97% of students out of school, and tens of thousands on our picket lines and rallies – OEA reached a Tentative Agreement! This is a historic contract with a win. More details to come via OEA’s website and social media platforms.

Here are the highlights of the agreement: 11% salary increase over 4 years. PLUS, a 3% bonus upon ratification. Dramatic increases for subs, and tying sub pay to the wage scale, so our substitutes never fall behind again. More counselors, RSPs, psychologists, speech pathologists and Newcomer support staff. Bonuses and a new salary schedule to support nurse recruitment.

Lower class sizes. School closure moratorium for 5 months. Charter school moratorium.

Site Rep Names:

ACMS: Gina Stephens

Donner Trail: Michelle Reed

Glenshire: Rachel Falk

Kings Beach: Paula Bossler

North Tahoe High School: Kate Teller

North Tahoe School: Lisa McCready/Heidi Bushway-Verkler

Sierra High/Cold Stream: Carey Parlette

Tahoe Lake: Jen McMaster

TOSAs: Lydia Sanchez

Truckee Elementary: Marguerite Paras/Betsy DePew

Truckee High: Kirby Reed

Meeting Dates and Places: All meetings start at 5PM with an open to the floor time for members to come and address the Executive Board

Sept 11--ACMS M-8

Oct 9--NTHS

Nov 13-ACMS

Dec 11--NTHS

Jan 8-- ACMS

Feb 12-NTHS

March 12-ACMS

April 2-NTHS--Spring Break second Tues

May 14th--ACMS

June TBA

Board meeting rotation: We would like to have schools take a month to show up to board meetings to listen to what is happening in the district. This should not been seen as a chore--but instead use the opportunity to have dinner beforehand and use the 2 hours for grading papers etc. The meetings are 5:30-7:30. No one is required to speak or report about anything. The following is the rotation for the year--this is the same rotation as the principals of the schools, so you would be showing up to show support for your school:

Sept 5th TE

Oct 3rd KBE

Nov. 7th ACMS

Dec. 12th NTHS

Jan. 9th GES

Feb. 6th TLE

March 6th SHS and CSA

April 3rd NTS

May 1st THS

May 15th SELS

June 5th DTE

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