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CTA State Council: Later Start Times? COVID, State Budget & More...

State Council Notes- January 15-16 2022

  1. SB 328- Next year all non-rural Middle Schools and High Schools have to start later (See section 2010 of the Census Bureau map which declares if you are urban/rural) TTUSD is Urban

  2. MS- 8:00 or later

  3. HS- 8:30 or later

  4. SB 328 passed into law, so any school within a town/city of more than 2500 population is NOT a rural school, so that affects TTUSD.

  5. SB 328

  6. Ed Code section 8432

  7. Definition of Rural Schools, look up under U.S. Census Bureau, 2010. Defines rural as population under 2500.

II. Contact your senator and ask for more Covid quarantine/sick days at 888-724-8903 and call your assembly member at 877-959-1867

III. 13.7 billion has been put into California for COVID-19 support- this is a good time to advocate for more nursing staff in your district

IV. The Governor’s budget has a 5.33% COLA proposal in it

V. Community Schools Town Hall- January 19th. There is an additional 3 billion in the governor’s budget for community schools and the community, parents, students, and teachers at these schools need to weigh in on needs, as well as local chapters. CTA provided an extensive presentation and panel to present the concept of Community Schools. There are 40 total in the U.S. currently - 20 (half!) of those are in California and are experiencing local successes.

VI. We continue to work on the implementation practices for LEAs to

follow in implementing UPK/UTK under AB130. A document was sent to LEAs

by the CDE to help them create a Universal Pre-K/Universal TK plan. They can

work with their County Offices of Ed., or complete the plan on their own (the

form is optional).

i. Just a reminder, the age eligibility date ranges are as follows: 2022/23: turning

5 from Sept. 2 - Feb. 2; 2023/24 : turning 5 from Sept. 2 - Apr. 2; 2024/25:

turning 5 from Sept. 2 - Jun. 2: and 2025/26 & beyond: 4th birthday by Sept. 1

ii. The length of the TK day is under local control. Minimum instructional

minutes are 180 (which is within existing CTA policy). LEAs can continue to

offer Early TK (ETK), but students are not eligible for ADA until they turn 5 if

they are admitted out of the age eligibility range.- Can bargain the minutes.

  • Information and links from Early Childhood Education committee at CTA State Council from the CTA State Council Report. There is information on upcoming P-K changes that members may find useful.

VII. CTA Chair Meeting: the voucher programs are still of concern to CTA, but

supporters are currently having trouble qualifying for the ballot. It looks like it will be more of an issue in 2024

VIII. Executive Order on Substitute Teachers. Due to the Omicron wave, Governor

Gavin Newsom issued an order granting temporary flexibilities for substitute

teachers and substitute credentialing. This includes changes on wait time and income limits for newly retired teachers who are willing to substitute - but please check with STRS to be sure on your personal eligibility!

IX. Factsheet on Masking, Isolation, and Quarantine. CTA's Center for

Organizing and Bargaining (C4OB) Department has issued this factsheet on

masking, isolation, and quarantine, updated January 10,


X. Legislation about to be initiated by CTA: STRS and School districts will now be fully responsible for any financial mistakes towards members and found while members are in retirement. Members will not be penalized and asked for monies back. PERS passed this last year.

XI. US HR 5723 is one to watch - this is a protection plan for Social Security, including a repeal of WEP / GPO (the way Social Security is calculated for 16 states like California whereas we are not able to receive our full SS benefits because we receive a teacher retirement pension). Currently has 196 cosponsors, but is still 25 votes short of being able to act on it on the floor, and it is expected to be blocked by filibuster when it reaches the Senate… but it is the best and farthest this movement has ever reached.

XIII. Informational links

  • Link to CTA State Council Report if there is a particular issue or section you would like to investigate. You can see what issues the various state level committees are addressing.

  • Link to NEA Report from Tara Jean

  • NEA Leadership Conference in Las Vegas information - slide 2, NEA Grants - slide 11, NEA Benefits - slide 12, NEA Micro Credentials - slide 13

  • CTA Conferences have virtual access if you are still interested.

  • SCHOLARSHIPS - CTA Scholarships - about 100 scholarships! Applications are due SOON - have students apply if you are a CTA member!

  • , Member Benefits tab, Scholarships link on the picture

  • Capital Service Center Council has vacancies for Vice Chair and Secretary. If interested, apply by March 10 by 7:00 pm. , Elections link on the top of the page

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